About Us

Welcome to the BBQ Brazil Express website!
We are a passionate team of Brazilian food lovers, with over four years of experience, and we always dream of bringing our passion to others. We have three options of services to provide delicious, authentic and affordable meals that please all palates.

We pride ourselves in maintaining a standard of quality that ensures a unique flavor in each menu item. And speaking of menu, our Top Sirloin Cap Slice is already a hit with the public and approval. Tuscan Sausage, Fried White Cheese Appetizer, and the famous French Fries are literally an attraction in themselves. We still have other options, and regardless of your choice, one thing is for sure: it will be the best!

BBQ Brazil Express

Food TRuck
Our mobile Food Truck, where you can follow on this site our schedule of days, times and places where we will be;
– See where we are, from Wednesday to Sunday

Our Delivery restaurant, where you can now place your order online and receive it in the comfort of your home;
– Delivery from Thursday to Sunday from 5pm to 10pm.

Catering &
Private Events

And also our exclusive Catering & Private Events service.
– Request a quote and our team will contact you.

Our Values

How We Work


he quality of our dishes is our main priority. Whether in Food Truck, Delivery or Catering. We only use fresh and high standard ingredients, preparing properly and offering a varied and attractive menu.


Customer service is our other important pillar. It is fundamental that our staff is polite, helpful, and always respectful of diversity. Thus creating a pleasant and welcoming environment for the public.


The environment of our Food Truck is also an important factor, as we want to deliver the best experience to our customer. Our environment is comfortable, and our customers are always satisfied.


Hygiene and cleanliness are fundamental to food safety and customer satisfaction. We prioritize keeping our locations clean and organized, with the kitchen and utensils always sanitized.

BBQ Brazil Express At Your Home

Deliciously fast: Enjoy your favorite food in minutes with our premium delivery service!